Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's called research.

You've already got a guy charged with some serious crimes, in jail, and with a bond so high he's not getting out. Not to mention it's a high profile case so the judge will never consider a motion to reduce bond. No one is in a hurry for prelim. I'm thinking you can probably take 30 minutes to do some legal research before you file an amended complaint. Just maybe make sure you really can add that other charge you so desperately want to add.

As you by now know, if you had taken those 30 minutes (probably an overestimate of how long the research would have taken), you would have easily found the case wherein our state supreme court said you cannot add that additional charge. It came out months ago. It's directly on point. No way around it. I think we ought to expect our prosecuting attorneys keep themselves somewhat abreast of the law.

I just want to encourage all lawyers to take that extra time. Just research that pleading before you file it.

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