Monday, April 14, 2008

I haven't ranted in a while. It's hard to rant when your favorite sporting event ends gloriously with your favorite team winning in stunning fashion. I've been on that high for a week now. But I've re-watched the game more than once, and I've purchased all the commemorative magazines and 4 championship shirts. Enough giddiness. I think it's time to get back to my usual, angry self.

On that note, I was standing outside my building this afternoon where everyone waits for their carpools. A co-worker was also waiting. She noticed I had a legal-type document in my hands so asked what I was reading. I told her I was reading the briefs in Kennedy v. Louisiana, the death penalty for child rape case that the Supreme Court is hearing on Wednesday. (Side note: I have a really bad feeling about how that case is going to come out. I pray I'm wrong.)

This odd woman who we see waiting for her ride every afternoon muttered loudly, "Good. Kill the suckers." Well, my co-worker maintains that's what she said. I heard that last word a little differently... She said it with that air of moral superiority that ardent killers always have. How did they get so twisted that they actually believe they're morally superior because they advocate killing people?

I hadn't meant to include this woman in the conversation, so I didn't feel the need to respond too directly. I turned to my co-worker and said, "Never mind that it's wrong to kill." Not my best retort, but said with enough sarcasm to convey my thought that it takes a pretty worthless human being to be that flip about killing people.

She got that I wasn't her biggest fan, so she turned to another regular and said, "You get more time for hurting an animal." Oh, please. We have Jessica's Law and last I checked we're either the only state or one of two that don't have felony animal abuse. (That may have changed recently.) Seriously, get some actual knowledge or keep your mouth shut. People who don't know what they're talking about should not be allowed to have opinions. Ok, fine, have your stupid, worthless opinion, but don't expect me to respect it. Trust that I will have nothing but contempt for your uninformed, mob-mentality opinion.

My co-worker and I both shook our heads and said that wasn't true, but I don't think she got how utterly ridiculous we thought she was. Her ride came just at that moment, so she ran to her car. We thought as she got into the car that she was undoubtedly telling her husband about those two child-rapist lovers on the sidewalk.

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