Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things cops and prosecutors shouldn't care about #1

Grown men touching themselves while watching adult films in an adult movie theater. Yes, I am thinking of Fred Willard today. But he's not the first one and he won't be the last.

Seriously, I have to wonder what the cop wandering the aisles of an adult theater really expects to see. What do they think the patrons go there for? What do the other patrons think their fellow film-goers are there for?

Arresting a guy like Fred Willard for jerking off in the dark private of an adult film theater is a complete and total waste. We the taxpayers paying for this nonsense should revolt. There are a dozen shootings every day in Chicago. My town has a rash of home burglaries. I'm pretty sure car thefts are common around the country. There are much, much better things for police and prosecutors to be spending their time and energy (aka money) on than grown adults doing exactly what we would expect them to do while watching adult films at adult movie theaters.

Please, cops, spend your time doing things that actually make us safer or solve real crimes or something. And let the Fred Willards of the world get their jollies in a dark adult movie theater. For crying out loud.

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