Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rants of the day

I have several rants in mind today.

1) It should be illegal to water lawns. Watering lawns is nothing more than vanity and is a waste of what we should start viewing as a precious resource. Watering food gardens, of course, is ok. But running sprinklers to keep your lawn looking perfect and green when farmers are wondering how they are going to keep their crops alive is not. I'd go so far as to say it's immoral.

2) I get crabby enough about people violating the law and setting off fireworks in my neighborhood in a normal year. They agitate my dog, which makes me not able to sleep. Because if she's barking until 2 am, I'm awake. And it does make me nervous to think that a stray spark could set my house on fire. Yes, I know the chances are very slim, but the fear of a house fire is strong in me. But this year, with these hot and uber-dry conditions, it will seriously piss me off when people do it. There isn't a burn ban in effect (yet), but even if there is, you know there will be plenty of jackasses who think the law is stupid, shouldn't apply to them, and they're entitled to do whatever the hell they want, no matter how dangerous it is or how disruptive it is to neighbors. Jerks.

3) Paying sales tax on food really is outrageous. I try really hard to stay within a budget. And I am the dork who wanders around the grocery store with a calculator out, making sure I stay on target. Every time I go to check out, it always comes as a shock when the register total is so much higher than my math. Because I pay roughly 8.5% sales tax. On food! On things like blueberries and eggs and tortillas and cheese. I'm not buying outrageous luxury items or unhealthy, processed food. (Ok, I did buy some ramen noodles and a can of refried beans, but the rest of my food choices are very healthy!) This is the only state I have ever lived in where I had to pay sales tax on food and it's outrageous.

4) I thought I was done with just these 3 rants, but ESPN has just started going out on my cable system. During the EuroCup final. Unacceptable, ESPN!!


BellsforStacy said...

We had the same trouble with ESPN today. I think they were just having issues.

I agree with all your rants ... except I do water my lawn? I mean, not excessively, and always at midnight - big pet peeve of mine is people that water during the day. STUPID. So inefficient. And only once a week. And when we were put on stage 3 water restriction (we're currently on stage 2) I was the only one to get excited because it meant my water bill was going to get cheap! Woo hoo!

We were on a burn ban last year. Western KS is already on a burn ban. Fireworks are illegal here anyway, but last year we weren't allowed to have ANYTHING.

Anyway. Just ranting as well I guess.

S said...

Watering the lawn at midnight is way better.

On the fireworks front, I'm probably jinxing myself a whole lot, but I haven't heard any at all this year. My neighborhood is usually awful from about July 1-7. It's pretty lovely not to have to listen to my dog bark.

S said...
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