Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My 4th of July rant

This fireworks crap has absolutely ruined the Fourth of July for me. I dread this day. I dread the week surrounding this day. The only redeeming things about July 4th anymore are that I get the day off and I get to watch Wimbledon. But in the evening, I just get so freakin' pissed off, I can't enjoy anything.

Shooting off fireworks in my town is illegal. And for good reason. It's dangerous, especially this year with a heat wave and a drought. There have already today been multiple fires attributed to idiots shooting off fireworks. It's also loud and disruptive. Fireworks make children cry and dogs bark. And they're hard to sleep through, which is a problem as most of us don't get July 5th off. Especially hard since people who want to blow shit up continue to do so until the wee small hours of the morning, without regard to their neighbors.

But, man oh man, people just feel effin' entitled to blow shit up today. They act like it's their God and Forefathers given right to do so. And screw anyone who tries to stop them. In fact, anyone who tries to stop them is bad, mean, a grinch (or worse), a whiner, a killjoy, and just plain unAmerican.

Well, pardon my French, but FU. You have made our nation's holiday all about your precious right to endanger my property and disrupt my night. You have no respect for anyone but your precious selves and I for one am sick to death of it. You, the ones who insist on breaking the law and keeping your neighbors up at night with hoses at the ready to douse any stray sparks, are the jerks. You are the rude ones. You are the obnoxious, entitled assholes who should shove it. Not me.

And by forcing this fight every goddamn year, you are the ones ruining the Fourth of July for me. Wankers.

I swear, next year I'm taking my dog on a road trip to Canada 'cause I've had it with this nonsense. I'll just celebrate Constitution Day instead.

UPDATE: But apparently, it is asking too much that the pro-blowing shit up crowd show any respect or consideration to those of us who aren't in love with blowing shit up. Sorry. I thought kindness and respect were good things.


melanie johnson said...
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melanie johnson said...

They're also had the nerve to set off those loud fireworks. Why do people think that set off bombs is so wonderful to hear? Why can't people buy the ones that don't makes a huge sound. Fireworks like that should be illgeal to sell.

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