Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oh, January 1, my old friend...

I guess it wouldn't be New Year's Day if I didn't feel a little fuzzy and off. If I didn't fall asleep in an unfortunate situation or have tremendous difficulty getting up in the morning.

I really like champagne and dressing up, so even though I grumble about NYE (it's just one day out of the year so I don't buy into the whole resolution, change your life stuff; if you want to change something about your life, there are 364 other days to start, too), I can still usually get talked into going out fairly easily. Last night's best laid plan to stay home with a buddy, order pizza, and just watch football, paying no attention to the time or that silly ball, started to go to hell in the afternoon when we were both sneezing madly. It was a very warm, breezy day, so we both assumed it was allergies. I continued on with my plans to go to the KU game (shout out to Thomas Robinson and his 30-20 day). Then I went out for a beer and a little food with my game friend. And then we were just going to go see her dad's band play. And since we were going out, even though the band was playing at 7, we might as well change a little bit...

So swingy skirt and 5 inch heels later, we were buying a bottle of champagne at the Jazzhaus. Because, as you'll recall, I really like champagne and dressing up. But the problem is often that champagne does not like me nearly as much as I like it. In fact, I think champagne and I are in an abusive relationship. Every time, champagne promises me it will be different and I believe it. And so I drank the champagne. And then, true to form, I decided that a shot seemed like a great idea. Because they were offering "Bye bye 2011" shots and my friend and I were both quite pleased to see this year end. So that happened.

And then a strange thing occurred to me. The champagne wasn't going to my head. I wasn't feeling fizzy and light-headed. All I was feeling was a little feverish and that my throat was getting very, very sore. Those weren't allergies! I managed to find a place to sit and my lovely friend bought me some whisky, ginger, bitters thing to make my throat calm down. It was all of 9:30. In another 5 minutes, I was done. DONE. My other friends (one of whom is 8 months pregnant) were happy to leave, so they took me home where this nasty, nasty cold hit me HARD. Smack in the face.

So I put on my pajamas, took some NyQuil, and was passed out in bed by about 10:30. I had to take a second dose at around 3. I just did the staggering-to-the-store thing to load up on soup, Kleenex, and cold meds. (Side note: Hey, lady in front of me in the express lane, I can count! That was NOT 15 items! I hope I gave you my cold germs!) And now my throat is on fire and my head is fuzzy.

BUT I was not the least bit drunk last night and I am not at all hungover this morning. So, though I feel like absolute crap, I must consider this NYE a raging success!

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