Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dear Republican voters:

You probably don't really care what I think. I mean, we all know that no matter who you nominate for president, I'm going to vote for Obama come November. Because no matter how disappointed I might be in his lack of backbone, he's still better to me than anyone you've come up with yet. (And he did get rid of DADT, which was a pretty big freakin' deal to me.)

But let me tell you this. There is probably no one you can nominate who will motivate me to donate money and time to the Obama campaign more than Rick Santorum. I mean, Ron Paul is a scary nutjob, but I don't seriously worry that he might win. And I don't care for Mitt Romney, but I think the nation would survive his presidency. And Newt Gingrich would implode on his own.

But Rick Santorum is a bad man. I mean quite honestly that I believe he is not a good person. He is mean. He is hateful. He is a sanctimonious jerk. He seems to be completely lacking in compassion.

I really just want to crawl in a hole until this presidential election is over. But I promise you. If you nominate this ass, I will donate every spare dime I have to the Obama campaign. I will travel to swing states. I will put every ounce of energy I have into re-electing Obama. I will be so very much more energized than I was in 2008 against John McCain (who I didn't think was bad, just misguided).

But Rick Santorum  is a small, mean-spirited man and is not worthy of the office of the president of the United States.


Transplanted Lawyer said...

I think this explanation is mostly right. Nothing to worry about here -- the Republicans are going to get past this "Howard Dean moment" and pick the only viable grownup left in their race.

S said...

I'm sure that's right. But tonight I'm feverish and coughing a lot. And I am my father's daughter, and he is the most gloom-and-doom pessimist who ever lived. So I'm dismayed by the fact that this mean man has done so well in a state near and dear to my heart (my second home).

RS said...

I could not agree more. I'M NOT EVEN SURE HOW RICK SANTORUM IS STILL A PART OF THIS. I thought we all agreed that he's a total joke.

Kristen Daukas said...

Just saying the name "Santorum" makes me laugh. Much less President Santorum.. Rick Santorum is a 1980's hairband guitarist. Oh wait... That's Richie Sambora. A much better option IMHO.

S said...

Oh my gosh, how did I never make the Richie Sambora connection before?! That is awesome!

I have to say, though, with a last name that has sadly become a nickname for male genitalia, I'm a little sensitive to the name thing. Though Santorum totally brought it on himself while we Johnsons are entirely innocent.

BellsforStacy said...

There are some serious economical problems we have to deal with as a nation. I want someone in office who is going to deal with them. I don't think electing a president is going to get that done, and the tea partiers who promised to go into office and change things, are drinking kool aid and playing ball with establishment Repubs and therefore making me sick. I seriously want to implode the entire thing and start over. Can they pass a budget? PLEASE? It's how many months now without a budget? It's ridiculous.

Okay I did high jack it.

Rick Santorum has no shot and will lose in NH and SC. Fear not, he will be gone soon and the candidate with the R next to his name will be Mitt Romney. Who's about as conservative as George Bush was.

So the country can continue to spend itself into oblivion.

S said...

Hijack away, as long as you're not going to try to tell me that Rick Santorum is a good guy! :)

It's kind of crazy to think how much more dysfunctional Congress has become since the Gingrich-Clinton years. Those guys HATED each other. And Gingrich once shut down government because he was ticked about what plane seat he got. And yet, we still managed to have balanced budgets for years and ended with a surplus. Who would ever have thought we would look back fondly on those years as the good ones?!

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