Sunday, January 29, 2012

I haz an ouchy

Look at how stupid Mommy has made me look. I had this one little itchy spot and she freaked out. She kept trying to poke at it with wash cloths and powders and icky stuff. It did itch a lot and I was starting to feel not very good, but I didn't think it was such a big deal.

Then this morning, she put me in the car and I was very excited. We got to drive to a new place I've never been to before. But I got a bad feeling when I walked in 'cause it kinda looked like another place she takes me to sometimes where the people do mean things. (Do they really think if they give me enough cookies, I won't notice the mean stuff?) They shaved my ouchy spot, which hurt. And then they put even more goop on it than Mommy ever did. And there were needles. I do not like needles.

And then they put this stupid thing on my head. All the people in the clinic were laughing at me. I know they were. I can't shake it off and rubbing it on the floor isn't working, either. At least my ouchy spot doesn't itch anymore. Wouldn't matter, anyway, 'cause I couldn't scratch it with this stupid thing on. The good news is that Mommy keeps giving me a big bite of cheese every 8 hours. I think I've earned that.

Mommy says: Yay for 24 hour emergency vets! A spot like this can go from irritated to horribly infected very quickly. I didn't notice it until after my regular vet was closed yesterday, but looking at it this morning, I couldn't stand the thought of waiting until tomorrow to get it treated. Now that I know she's going to be just fine and I didn't do anything wrong (the vet assures me this hasn't been festering for days, but rather that it probably sprung up just in the last 24 hours), I can giggle a little at the bandage. Everyone at the clinic really was giggling, but only because it makes this already cute dog absolutely freakin' adorable. This picture really doesn't do it justice. If you've ever seen "The Muppet Christmas Carol," the way the bandage is holding her ears out and back makes her look like the homeless bunny who goes to buy the turkey for Scrooge in the end.


Meryl said...

The bandage is funny--glad Miss Maddie is ok!

S said...

The bandage is really funny. I think it is safe to say that when I go to take it off her on Tuesday, she will not be sorry to see it go!

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