Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Have you heard about the "controversy" around tonight's episode of "Modern Family?" It's absurd. An anti-profanity crusader was asking ABC affiliates not to air the episode and urging people to boycott it. And why? Because one of the plot lines is about a toddler saying a bad word. The f-word. This anti-profanity guy has somehow decided that this is somehow bad. Glorifying profanity, perhaps? Encouraging it? I'm not entirely sure because this article doesn't exactly explain the objection.

This is so absurd, I'm tempted to think it's a fake controversy to get a little publicity. But the show doesn't need the extra publicity as it's already a hit and just won the Golden Globe for best comedy. So maybe Mr. Anti-Cussing wants the publicity? Because, honestly, how can anyone object to a family comedy dealing with that time-honored tradition of hearing a small child say a bad word. Every family goes through this. The kid hears a word, repeats it, gets the shocked reaction and so decides that saying the word is fun, and keeps saying it. The horrified parents work desperately to find a way to get the kid to stop saying the word, especially before they have to go out in public (like say a wedding, as in this episode). They fret that everyone will think they're terrible parents, etc. Sheesh. This happens to everyone. I've read blog posts about it. I've talked to friends about it. I've heard the story of the first time I said the f-word.

In short, there is nothing remotely shocking or bad or controversial or anti-family or unwholesome or anything else about this being a plot on a family comedy. Actually, it seems a plot that was tailor made for this particular show. Know who should be ashamed? Mr. McKay Hatch of the No Cussing Club. For trying to promote himself over something so un-controversial.  Or for being so stupid that he actually thinks this is an issue worth fighting over.


BellsforStacy said...

I'm with you on the fake controversy. I know over the long haul the shows a hit but maybe their post holiday viewers are down and they wanted to make sure people tuned in. And I always wonder ... with the advent of DVR no one watches commercial or promos anymore. So sometimes the only way to create buzz is controversy.

I really didn't see why it was a big deal, Growing Pains did the same thing in the 90s. I was so confused watching the show because all I heard her say was "beep" (they beeped it out) and everyone kept getting mad at her for saying it. I was a niave little child.

And I just read the actress that plays Lily said the word fudge in real life. :) Which I think is precious.

S said...

For me, when I was 4, I defended myself by saying I was trying to say fick. In hind sight, fudge would have been a better choice...

I don't remember that Growing Pains episode. I thought I knew that show inside and out!

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