Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yes, I'm whining, but I have multiple broken bones, so cut me some slack

On the whole, I'm not a big fan of being single. I greatly preferred my coupled-off life to the "life" I've led over the past year. Still, being single has its moments. I can even appreciate that there are times when being single has its advantages. The time when your wrist is mangled, immobilized in a splint, and needing surgery is not one of them.

Oh, what I wouldn't give for a life partner right about now. Someone to pick up the slack that I just can't in my current condition. In just a few days, my house has gone to hell because simple things like bathing and getting dressed are so time-consuming. It would also just be nice to have someone here each night so I didn't have to have that nightly reminder that I really am ultimately in this alone.

It's not that I can't just suck it up and take care of myself. I can and I will. But I'm tired and in pain and it would be so, so, so much nicer if I had somebody to lean on. And somebody to get me water and ibuprofen at 3 am.

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