Thursday, April 21, 2011


In case you weren't aware, dating sucks. It's torture. The awkward greeting. The small talk. The self-conscious awareness that everyone else in the place can tell it's an early date. The horrible uncertainty of how to end. Every conversation lag is so loaded with the worry that you really have nothing to talk about. Every decision (what do I order? Beer? Wine? Just water? Who pays?) is so fraught with the potential for disaster. I am convinced that humankind has never invented anything so awful as dating.

Ok, maybe genocide is worse. Maybe. You might have to work to convince me of that right now.

Is it really too much to ask that I could meet someone I'm excited about? Someone I'm interested in getting to know? Someone I don't want to stop talking to? Someone who can text me the day after a date without eliciting a groan?

In short, is it really too much to ask that I could meet someone who would make me forget about Him? Apparently it is.

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