Thursday, April 28, 2011

Done whining. For now.

The Hand Guy has decided I need surgery. As my best friend says it is just like me to break a wrist with such spectacular brilliance, I require surgery to fix it. And I really was skating super fast, just like a jammer would.

Before going today to schedule surgery, I checked with my parents to figure out when they would be available to deal with me having outpatient surgery. Sometime next week was about it for them. But then the physician's assistant told me they could get me in tomorrow. I had a moment of panic fearing I would have to turn down such a lucky surgery schedule because I had no one to drive me or help me after. Within 20 minutes, though, I made contact with 3 friends, all of whom promised to do whatever I needed. And a 4th promised me a ride to the wedding on Saturday as I don't think I could drive myself so soon after even minor surgery.

So maybe I'm not entirely in this alone.


Meryl said...

Of course you aren't! (Although I'm super glad all your friends haven't been as horrible as me and not called all week. But I'm ready to make amends, so please do call if you need anything!)

S said...

You and Moxie were next on the list to get desperate calls for help tomorrow, but PN is almost always available and T jumped at the chance to return some favors and neither of them have newborns. But I will be one-handed for several weeks, so there will undoubtedly still be chances to help.

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