Sunday, April 24, 2011


So in the space of the last 24 hours, I have learned a lot about doing things with only one hand. some things are fine, like channel-surfing, drinking wine, eating food that requires only a fork. Brushing teeth only requires one hand, though opening and closing the toothpaste requires some mouth action. I can text with just one hand with the best of them and I've done pretty well typing (though I'm hoping my work can offer me a dictation software system for the next 6 weeks).

Some things are unnaturally tricky, like going to the bathroom. (Seriously, try pulling your pants down with only one hand.) Opening that bottle of wine would have been tough had it not been a screw cap. Dressing is, of course, a trick. My dear friend saw more of me last night than she'd ever expected since I hadn't picked out my Saturday night outfit thinking "which sleeves will easily fit over a splint?" I am glad that I thought to have that friend put my thyroid and allergy meds in a ziploc baggie because childproof caps are out of the question right now.

Some things will be beyond tricky, like showering and dish-washing. How do you do these things when you have to keep one arm away from water? I'm also very unsure how I will put fresh sheets on my bed. I will find out tomorrow how the driving thing will go.

But the thing I am most worried about is knitting. In the last year, knitting has been my go-to thing, almost my savior. I don't know how I will get through 6 whole weeks if I can't turn to my #1 relaxer. Here's hoping that within a week or two my wrist is strong enough and my fingers loosened enough that I can resume knitting.

There is one thing I can guarantee I won't be doing anytime soon: roller skating! (I think, though, that if I still had my old Smurfette skates, this wouldn't have happened. Smurfette would never have hurt me like that.)

All in all, I have to say I do not recommend breaking/dislocating the wrist. I would give it two thumbs down, but only one thumb is mobile.

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