Thursday, December 3, 2009

This is why I don't bring the dog to work

Today is the day.  My office is being transformed into my own, personal Plummy paradise.  So I will be working from home today and possibly tomorrow.  This is good as I can work in  my pajamas from bed.  I can watch a marathon of one of my t.v. shows on dvd.  Plus, I'd been feeling a little stuck on my current case, so a new environment can only  help get the juices flowing.

Yesterday, I packed up all the things I could need for my home office.  I had a plan for which issues I would focus on.  I feared  I might wind up sleeping in too late this morning, but instead, clearly, I'm up by 9.  I can read my news and blogs and digest my coffee before beginning work at 10, which is really the ideal time for my natural biorhythms.  (How much better things would be for me if the rest of the world would just adjust to me starting work at 10 and ending around 6 or 6:30!)

And then, it happened.  A dog bone intruded into my images of a highly productive day of work.  Little Miss Madison flung her bone at me, as  if it were her shot across the bow.  "You will get no work done today, Mommy!  Not on my watch."  Evidently, she thinks my proper activities when home for a day include things like playing with her, petting her, throwing her the orange squeaky ball, and taking her for 7 walks.

Tune in later to find out who wins: productivity or the dog.  The dog's a lot cuter, but productivity buys the kibble.

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Laci the Chinese Crested said...

I go to work quite frequently. Michael keeps me in the Sherpa bag since I do tend to run around the office.

It has taught me that court is pretty boring and that he isn't out having fun without me.

It's more fun when I sneak into courtrooms. I don't reveal the trick.

Unfortunately, Cental Criminal Court is off limits due to security.

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