Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Radio Silent

I have had precious little to say of late. Well, I've had things to say, like about lawless sheriffs in Maricopa County and the CSI effect and eyewitness identifications, but I have not had the energy to write. It's been cold, though no colder than any of my winters in Minnesota or Wisconsin. But cold enough to make me lose all interest in doing anything other than curling up with my dog, a blanket, and bad tv. And I foolishly decided to knit Christmas gifts for my mom and my sister, a task which has been occupying my hands a lot lately.

But the real kicker is another looming deadline. That's right, it's round 2 of the soul-crushing workload. This one isn't quite as soul-crushing in terms of volume, but it takes the wind out of me for other reasons. Maybe I'll be able to tell you about it someday.


Alex S. said...

I know the feeling! I have two appellate briefs due by the 30th and I can't find the motivation to raise my pen to work on them. It's not frosty here in TX but cold enough to zap my energy. I just want to cuddle with my wife and my Jack Russell Terrier while watching re-runs of Top Chef and Supernatural. Happy Holidays!

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

Yeah, sometimes this job is a drag.

You try to keep your morale up by remembering that you are defending people's rights, but there are other sickeners out there.

As John Mortimer said, Criminal law is not the SW1 of the legal profession (the high end). It does have its advantages though.

S said...

My latest t.v. addiction has been catching up on all the episodes of "Glee" I haven't seen yet. Love the Top Chef, too. (I'm so bummed Kevin didn't win.)

As for feeling energetic about big appellate briefs, I have a new issue that has gotten me going today. It's the kind of issue that everyone has been looking at me like I'm crazy just for thinking of. They keep saying, "You can't do that" as a gut reaction, so I respond, "Well, why not?" I think I'm winning some of them over, too.

Laci the Chinese Crested said...

Other than sarcastic remarks about double jeopardy and slimy prosecutors, I should offer you encouragement in this project (not catching up on "Glee").

Remember when you feel like %$£%"%! that we are out there to protect people's rights.

And hope like heck that cheers you up!

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