Sunday, December 6, 2009

A crappy day

It's been a crappy, crappy day for the Madison household.  First, we had to watch the ick-fest that was the Chiefs game.  I didn't think things could get worse than last week's pathetic outing against San Diego.  But the Chiefs proved me wrong.  Turnovers and stupid play-calling and porous defense added up to a 30-point loss to Denver.  Prior to today, Denver had been 1-15 in Arrowhead in December.  Boo.

As that game was concluding, we noticed a smell.  I assumed it was coming from the t.v. until I saw the shaking, sad-eyed doggy.  (When they're sick, they're not dogs, they're doggies.)  Then we found the spot.  She had tried to make it to the kitchen tile, but she didn't get there.  From the look of it, you would have thought it was vomit, but the smell made it clear that it came out the other end.  SO went to work cleaning up the carpet while I took charge of cleaning and comforting the dog.  But I should have known we weren't done because she was still so very shaky and sad.

As I came back into the house from taking the trash out from diarrhea bout #1, I spotted bout #2.  At least this time, she'd made it to the kitchen.  (Side note: this was not the best day to realize I was out of paper towels.)  Poor SO set out to clean once again.  Meanwhile, poor little pup went into the bathtub to wait it out in case there was a bout #3. 

In the 3 1/2 hours since, there has not been another bout.  (She has been released from bathtub confinement.)  Now we're just in treatment mode.  Poor thing had her food bowl taken away.  Then mean mommy forced some nasty pink gunk (Pepto Bismol is apparently safe for dogs, though in very small doses.) into Maddie's mouth.  (If anyone has any tips for how to accomplish that, let me know.  She certainly wasn't volunteering to lick it up.)  She's also had a little yogurt to help deal with any bacteria that may be in her tummy.  That went down much more easily than the Pepto.  And now I'm going to make her some boiled hamburger and rice to feed her tomorrow.  (On the upside, I'm going to use a lot of that to make lunch for myself for tomorrow.)

I hope that is the end of the crap-fest Chez Moi.  The Jayhawks looked a little shaky at times, but there was really never any danger they would add to the day's crap-pile.  It's not too much to hope that Maddie will be just fine from here on out, is it?

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Meryl said...

A syringe for the Pepto. Like the kind they use to feed orphaned kitties. If you still need one let me know, I think I may have one.

Poor Maddie!

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