Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thank you, furnace motor

You picked the absolute perfect day to crap out with no prior warning.  One hardly needs warm air circulating throughout one's house when the overnight low is a balmy -1!  That's what I have blankets and socks and hats for, after all.  And that's what I was thinking about when I bought that nice sleeping bag which is rated down to 20 degrees.

Looking on the bright side, the mice will hardly have wanted to come into my house last night to escape the cold.

No, I did not actually sleep at the cold, cold house last night.  Madison and I took refuge at SO's house, where Maddie will have a fine day watching all the traffic on SO's busy street.  And, yes, the furnace guy is already on the job.  He's one of SO's very best friends, so he came over last night when the blower started making strange noises.  After about 5 minutes, he declared that the blower motor was irrevocably damaged and needed to be replaced, which he would do in the morning.  He was proven far too right about 20 mnutes later when the blower stopped doing anything at all.  The nice thing about being friends with a heating and air guy is that I can trust him, both with keys to my house so I don't have to be there today when he comes to fix the furnace and with fair pricing.  In fact, I'll probably have to add something to pay him for his labor.  (I did feed him dinner last night and let him watch the KU game at my house.)

So this morning I am left to wonder just how cold my house got overnight and how long it will take to warm back up once the motor is replaced this morning.

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