Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is just an appalling story that needs to be shared.

Customer finds racial slur on store receipt. The link includes a photo of the actual receipt. The man returned a pair of shoes after finding a cheaper pair at another store. When I worked retail, we had to fill out a little paperwork when we did a return, so I'm assuming that's what happened here. Evidently, the cashier had to input that information into the register. One of the pieces of information that showed up on the printed receipt was "Cust:". According to the receipt, the customer was "Dumb N******." Here's where it gets even worse: the store's explanation suggests that the cashier wouldn't have typed that in, s/he would have just selected one of 6 options. Surely one of the options is a manual entry, right? Otherwise the register was already programmed to spew out this possible option.

I have shopped at this mall a lot. I grew up just a few blocks and walked to that mall every weekend. I don't believe I have ever entered this particular shoe store before and I can guarantee I will not ever enter it now.

Every time I am confronted by something like this, I'm still shocked. How are we still producing people who think this crap is funny or acceptable? And who still really feel this way?

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Erin said...

I saw this story yesterday. How terrible is that?

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