Friday, October 24, 2008

I broke my dog

We were playing with her favorite toy, the orange squeaky ball. As we usually do, we played tug with the ball. I guess I tugged too hard while she was standing up on her hind legs. She flipped backwards and landed hard on her back. Did I mention we were not in the carpeted living room but the tiled front entry?

She did not yelp and got right up, but she is clearly not well. She ran away from me, trembling and looking scared, tail tucked. How heartbreaking to see your dog run away from you, scared. My friend showed up at the front door at the very moment that Maddie ran away from the front room.

We both have checked her out. Clearly she hurts somewhere, but we think it's just a bruised tail bone. She has jumped on and off furniture, but she is most definitely subdued. And she is not eager to be near me. I am sure she will be fine (I am), but I am not entirely sure how long it will be until she forgives me.

I admit I have already tried to bribe her with a cheese biscuit. She has not eaten the biscuit. Not a good sign.

1 comment:

Meryl said...

Oh, poor Maddie! Tell her if Mommy keeps abusing her, she can come live with Auntie Meryl.


I predict she'll be back to cuddling by tonight....when she gets cold and needs a warm place to snuggle.

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