Monday, July 18, 2011

I have had tremendous luck in a few areas of my life.

1) Education. I've never been rejected by an institution of higher learning. Which means I got to go exactly where I wanted to for college and for law school.

2) Work. Even when I up and quit a job with no back-up plan, things still worked out for me. And in February of my 3rd year of law school, I got offered my dream public defender job in my home state. That just doesn't happen in public defender land, so I felt keenly lucky to go through most of my last term of law school without worrying about how I would pay the rent once law school ended.

3) Housing. I have been downright charmed when it comes to housing. The situations my college friends and I fell into were unbelievable. Then I scored my carriage house, which has to be the absolute best rental in this entire town. And my house hunt went so well, with me finding this perfect house so easily.

But now I'm done. I have all my degrees, my dream job, and my cozy red house. Oh, how I wish I could translate the luck I've always had in these realms into other areas of my life because I could stand to have a little of that charm touch me right about now.

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