Saturday, July 16, 2011

I can see clearly now

I mean this quite literally and not as some metaphor for finally understanding life or anything. If you've seen me in the past 2 months, you've undoubtedly noticed me blinking a lot, rubbing my eyes, etc. Allergy season was rough this year. Really rough. It pretty much destroyed every one of my right contacts. (Last year, allergy season hit my left eye; this year my right. Why is that?) I'd been taking the right contacts out at night even though I've always worn the contacts you keep in all the time and never before had a problem. If I forgot and slept in them, they got so covered in allergy pus and got so distorted that I could hardly see in them. They got filmy and blurry and kept shifting in my eye every time I blinked, which just made me blink more. But somehow, I accidentally opened my last new right contact in May. So I've been making do with these distorted, icky contacts for a couple of months now.

Plus, for years my eye doctor has had to under correct on my right contact. When you're as blind as I am, the contacts only go up by .5 when what I really need is a .25 correction. So he's given me the .00 instead of the .50. Which has undoubtedly contributed to the general sense I've had the past two months that my vision was blurry and compromised. As a final point, last night I took my contacts out and evidently put the right contact case cap on the side with the left contact.  My eye prescriptions are about 1.5 apart, so it was a pretty massive difference. Somehow, I drove to the eye doctor like this before I finally figured out my vision hadn't actually gone completely wonky overnight but that I must have put the contacts in the wrong eyes.

But now I have new, fresh contacts. And my doctor decided to try over-correcting on that right eye. He wants me to try it for a few days before finally deciding which contact prescription to order. And I am in heaven. Everything is so crisp and clear. Allergy season is over so I can go back to sleeping in these contacts. My eyes are ridiculously healthy and haven't changed in at least 7 years. (I mean they're healthy except for the extreme near-sightedness...) There is no way in hell my doctor is taking the higher prescription contacts away from me.

And as a bonus, I bought myself the first new glasses I've had in 7 years. Since my prescription has held steady for so long, I decided to spare no expense as glasses are an investment, not a short-term thing. So I bought the Chanel frames. (In my defense, they look really good on me and they're the only frames they had that fit my face just right such that walking down the stairs in my glasses will no longer be treacherous.)

Now if only I could get on that metaphorical seeing clearly thing...

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