Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why you should always remember to lock your cellphone keypad

Because you could wind up butt-dialing at a very bad time.  Like this guy did.  He just happened to inadvertently activate his cell phone, calling his wife's cellphone and leaving a voice mail as he killed her.  So the lucky jury got to hear him telling her he would kill her.  Then her screams as he actually did.  I'm sure the jury really enjoyed that particular piece of evidence.

My dad and my friend A butt dial me from time to time.  Happily for me, the only voice mail messages I've received are several minutes of background noise from whatever restaurant they're at.  Probably because they don't go around murdering people.  But if they do have their eye on someone that life would be better without, I would recommend they both make a better habit of locking their keypads.  Or just revert to an old school flip-phone.

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