Monday, February 28, 2011

I might actually love my bank

When I got home today, I found that letter waiting for me. The letter from my bank, detailing for me how my mortgage payment would change for the next year. One never knows how insurance and property taxes will alter. In the past few years my mortgage payment has crept upwards. I really wasn't looking forward to another year of paying slightly more on my mortgage even though the county doesn't think my home value has appreciated at all.

So imagine my very pleasant surprise when I opened this year's letter to find that my mortgage payment is actually going down this year. By not a small amount. I'm pretty sure my head did the curious-dog-cock-to-the-side thing. I shook my head to make sure all its parts were working correctly and looked again. Turns out my bank is voluntarily lowering my interest rate. Just 'cause they feel like it. Maybe they're doing this across the board to ward off defaults. But I'm not in any danger of defaulting. Which they should have some idea of as they also hold two of my accounts, including my primary checking account. But I'm not complaining. I'm definitely the opposite of complaining.

That whole housing meltdown is finally benefiting me! I've been a little jealous watching friends buying houses in the years after I bought mine. They're all getting big tax credits and I got nothing. So I am finally receiving some economic incentive to keep my house. Yay!

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