Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who wants to tell me what to do?

I think it is time to consider the possibility that I may be a wee bit stubborn.  Ok, a big bit stubborn.  Now, at work that may actually serve me well as I stubbornly cling to my belief that trial errors can almost never be harmless and that every defendant, no matter how icky, is entitled to a fair trial.  Being so stubborn keeps me from giving in to the process, losing hope that I can make a difference.

But in my personal life, I think my stubbornness is getting in my way.  Being too stubborn is keeping me from seeing possibilities, being open enough to new opportunities.  So I have decided I need to turn my decision-making over to someone else.  I am now taking applications for the person who will tell me how to live my life.  Your application essay should include your ideas for which decisions should and should not be covered by this agreement and a plan for eventually returning all decision-making back to me.


Lisa Johnson said...

LOL! I'd hate to see how that document would get marked up!

Belated Happy New Year to you! ; )

DBB said...

That's easy - it should start with all of your personal (not professional - you have to do your own job, that's what they pay you for) choices being made by this other person.

I would think that this would gradually pare back as, over time, you saw that some of the decions made for you (that were not ones you would have made) actually turned out better than you thought they might. Over time, then, you'd see how your own stubborness prevented you from doing and experiencing things that you now know you enjoyed. And that knowledge would then make you less stubborn and more willing to entertain other ideas. At that point, you could retake decisionmaking power. Then, the person who made the decisions could simply act as an advisor, as could anyone else. And you would actually be willing to take that advice after seeing how following it sometimes works out better.

Now, where do I apply?

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