Thursday, January 27, 2011

Technically, I work for the state.  But it's not a real state agency.  And we're not like other lawyers who work for the state.  We're like the loner agency that hangs out in the corner and never talks to any of the other agencies.  We don't do the same kind of work.  We aren't bound by the same rules.  CLEs for government lawyers have nothing to offer us.  We just do our weird little work and the real state bureaucracy doesn't bother with us.  I don't fret about who will be elected governor because a change in administration won't affect us.  We aren't subject to the whims of politics.  We are supposed to be insulated from state bureaucratic nonsense.

So it really pisses me off when we get sucked into that crap.  And it might do those darn bureaucrats some good to remember that I make my living by standing up to the man, raging against the machine, questioning authority, and generally raising hell.  Causing trouble by fighting the good fight is what public defenders are best at.  That's probably why state bureaucracy usually leaves us alone.

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