Sunday, January 9, 2011

Big day

Today is a very big day. Chiefs playoff game. Then I get to attend my first Kansas Jayhawks game away from the Kansas/Kansas City area. As soon as I saw that the Jayhawks would be playing in the town where my best friend lives, I knew I had to come up to Ann Arbor for the game. (My house is occupied in my absence, so don't view this as an invitation to rob it. My house sitter would be very upset and you would be screwing yourself out of all of the best criminal defense attorneys in the area as they would all have a conflict from being my friend.)

Oh and there's also tickling my favorite 7 year-old, watching her play Angry Birds on my iPad, and knitting her a quick Christmas present. Like I said, big, big day.

Go Chiefs! Rock chalk Jayhawk!

UPDATE: Well, things didn't go well for my Chiefs. They didn't go much better for my Jayhawks, though they did win and I met lots of fellow Hawks at the arena. But I did tickle the 7 year-old, she killed lots more pigs, and she now has 2 brand new headbands made by here Auntie Sarah. All in all, a successful day.

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