Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Things that are unfortunate

1) No one told me gmail has an "undo send" feature.  I could have used that knowledge.

2) Now that I have lost my opera date, my favorite opera is coming to town.  I don't mind going to a movie by myself, but going to the opera should be a night out.  It should involve suiting-up.  And it really should involve a romantic escort.

3) Venus Williams' tennis dress.  I mean, I kinda like it (more so in black than in the pink), but it seems ridiculously awful to play in.  It rolls up on every play, requiring her to adjust it constantly.  I hate running or playing tennis in clothing that doesn't cooperate.  I would like to think if I were a world-class athlete at the pinnacle of my sport, I would have clothing options that were lower-maintenance.

4) Mouse traps that succeed in trapping a mouse, but fail to kill the mouse.

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Burt Likko said...

Forgive me if unsolicited advice from some random person you only know through blogging seems presumptuous.

Missing the opera should not be an option. A platonic male friend should be your last resort. It's within your power to get a real date if you want one.

My evidence for that claim is that based on what you write here, you have more than adequate personality and intelligence to hold a man's interest. I recall a post you made recently about a man flirting with you, so that lets me infer that you must be attractive enough to attract your share of single male eyeballs. Finally, you've got friends and colleagues. They know people. Let those friends and colleagues know that you're looking for a single guy, and you'll get an introduction or a set-up from someone.

Now, an opera is a big date, so try not to have it be the first date. Unfortunately, that means having a first date first, and all first dates suck, you just have to get through them. To that end, I'd advise not being super-choosy about finding candidates for the prior-to-the-opera date, or too picky about what that prior-to-the-opera first date might be. We're talking about a guy who meets the following five criteria:

A. Roughly your age,
B. Single,
C. Owns and is willing to wear a suit,
D. If an opera virgin, seems willing to give opera a chance, and
E. Is unlikely to become your client in the foreseeable future.

If he's good-looking, funny, educated, enjoys dogs, and/or is a Chiefs fan, so much the better. But those things are bonuses; you're looking for a live body here. The worst realistic case is that after the big date at the opera, either you or he decide it isn't working out and there is no third date. That's not a huge risk, really.

So go get 'em. There's no reason for you to be unhappy and lonely the night your favorite opera is in town.

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