Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Winds of change

There's an old joke I learned many moons ago as a Kansas child. 

"Why is Kansas so windy?  Because Nebraska sucks and Oklahoma blows."

To a 9 year-old, this joke is hilarious.  But now at 36, I realize it is not a joke at all.  Nebraska completely and totally sucks.  And Oklahoma blows.  (Oklahoma State, too.)

And thanks to Nebraska's suckage and Oklahoma's blow-i-ness, Kansas is left twisting in the wind.  (Kansas State, too.)  This means that the greatest tradition in all of college basketball will be without a conference.  Unfathomable.

So far this spring my life has collapsed and now my college athletic conference is collapsing, potentially threatening the stability of my favorite sports team, the Kansas basketball Jayhawks.  Surely nothing else can go wrong this year, right?  Right?


Nance said...

Sigh. Well...look at USC. (Says one to whom none of this matters at all. Sorry. But you do have my sympathy.)

S said...

USC won't take a permanent hit from its current sanctions, though. Short-term perhaps, but they'll still be in a power conference and they'll be back in contention for a national title after its two year bowl absence. KU falling to a mid-major conference could have a lasting impact on basketball recruiting. What's frustrating is that our Athletic Department is going through a lot of internal turmoil and doesn't seem to be doing anything proactive to make sure the flagship college basketball program lands somewhere worthy. Our arena is on a street named after the inventor of the game, for crying out loud. (He's buried in our town, too.) The other potential flagship basketball programs play in arenas named after guys who learned from the guy our building is named after. I will be extremely disappointed if the university leadership doesn't do something to make sure our program's legacy doesn't get tied to the freakin' Mountain West Conference!

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