Monday, June 14, 2010

The times, they are NOT a changin'

Phew!  Because I know you were all on tenterhooks, worried about the fate of my beloved Kansas basketball Jayhawks, I am happy to report that all the conference realignment talk appears to be done.  The Big-10 (12) can have Nebraska and good riddance to the bad rubbish of Colorado.  The Big 12 (10) is alive and well, thank you very much.

Football is, of course, what was driving all the realignment talk, but basketball is what I really care about.  From a basketball perspective, I think this is the best outcome.   The Big 12 has traditionally been one of the very best basketball conferences, no matter what the east-coast-biased media and public believe.  So this move keeps our strong basketball tradition intact.  And we've actually managed to off-load two of our absolute weakest basketball teams.  So it's arguable that the league is actually better without those two.

We here in Jayhawk land have had a stressful week or two, but I think ultimately we'll put the big shake-up of 2010 in the category of all's well that ends well.

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