Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's going to be legend- wait for it...


TV Guide is reporting that Neil Patrick Harris is likely to guest star on Glee!  I am fairly certain my head will explode from that confluence of awesomeness.  Regular readers will remember that I kinda like HIMYM and believe NPH is the best thing on television.  But you may not be aware of my love affair with Glee.  What's not to love about high school misfits who get slushies thrown on them but still keep the song in their hearts?  If NPH does indeed sing and dance with the kids of William McKinley High, I will definitely have to suit up for the occasion.


Cynthia said...


BellsforStacy said...

So my husband works with Kevin McHale's brother. Kevin McHale is the guy in the wheel chair in Glee. So my husband's co-worker got to go to the Golden Globes and went to after party's with Brad Pitt! I kid not!

Love NPH. He's HIGH-larious.

S said...

Shut up, Stacy! First, I love Artie. His solo "Dancing With Myself" was the first song I saw on Glee (my first episode) and is what got me instantly hooked. I bought all the older ones on itunes right away to get caught up. Second, I've never been the hugest Brad Pitt fan (he's so hit or miss in his movies - some are fabulous, some blow chunks), but I'd still probably just drool all over myself were I ever in the same room with him.

And, yes, NPH is the awesomest awesome who ever awesomed.

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