Sunday, January 3, 2010


I have found a new way to torture myself.  I can't stop checking the 15 day forecast on the local newspaper.  Originally, it showed that the thaw would begin on January 9 with days in the 40s following.  Then, the thaw got pushed back to the 14th, with highs leveling out in the 30s and no sign of a 40 anywhere.  Then, the forecast again predicted thawing temperatures would hit around the 9th, with days in the high 20s before then.  And the 40s returned soon after.  But now, the 15 day forecast has pushed the thaw temperatures to January 13th.  No 40s anywhere.  And nothing above 20 for at least another week.

I can't take it anymore.  I need the thaw and I need it now.  I will go crazy if I have to drive down my ice-rink alley one more time.  I can't handle our unplowed, and unnavigable, commuter parking lot.  I hate coming back inside from taking my dog out with snow up to my calves on my pants.  The snow and cold have pushed all intelligent thoughts from my brain. 

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