Sunday, January 24, 2010


As I wrote the other day, I'm the most ADD brief writer around.  I write a sentence before I get off on some freaky tangent.  Here are the things that are distracting me today:

1) Bejeweled Blitz on my iPhone.  Each game is only 1 minute long, so how is it possible to waste so much time on it?

2) Brett Favre and Peyton Manning.  I would really enjoy watching the two of them go against each other in the Super Bowl.  But Brett just can't help himself from throwing interceptions, can he?

3) An 18-pound cocker spaniel can be a bigger presence in a house than you might think.  It's rather hard to type on a laptop when said cocker spaniel believes she should have dibs on the lap.  So I've tried to put the laptop in front of me, but she gets very annoyed when I try to type over her.

4) Very interesting goings-on on our local newspaper comments section today.  One of the most prolific, and annoying, commenters got kicked off the website, causing much speculation and gossip.  Such fun.

Well, I guess I can now cross #2 off that list.  (Except now I can start the speculation about whether Brett will come back next season or whether he will really and truly retire this time.)  And as for #3, she seems fairly content curled up on the back cushion of the couch for now, so I can type freely.  So now I only have to keep myself away from #1 and #4.  And whatever new think I find to distract myself.

But I have managed to get some decent work done today in spite of myself.


kristen said...

Newspaper comments sections have such drama! I love it.

S said...

It's especially true in a bedroom community like mine. I really should stay away, though. My obsession cannot be healthy.

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