Monday, September 10, 2012

Facebook can be dangerous for friendship

I don't mind if my Facebook friends are Republicans. I don't mind if they're Romney voters. I don't mind if they hate Obama with a fiery passion (as long as it's based on his policies only and not on the color of his skin). I appreciate thoughtful, considered differences of opinion and value open dialogue. Good, well-intentioned people can and do disagree, especially on the tough issues. After all, they wouldn't be tough issues if we'd solved them long ago.

But I do mind if my Facebook friends are blithering, bigoted idiots who post crap like this on Facebook. I mind if they're too stupid to stop and think that it's probably unlikely the President of the United States would bother to stop a news channel from airing a silly, pointless waste of time like this very uninformative video. (Not to mention that half the darn clips are from FOX News to begin with and it seems unlikely that the powers that be at FOX News give a hoot what Obama and his folks think.) I mind if they're such religious bigots that they think it's some  kind of explosive, must-be-seen expose that claims to prove the President is Muslim. Especially as our Constitution explicitly prohibits there being any sort of religious test or oath for any office-holder. I mind if they're so narrow-minded and hateful that they think reaching out to peaceful Muslims is something only other Muslims (or people who really, really  hate America) would do. I mind if they're so culturally-insulated that they have a problem with our head of state visiting a mosque in Turkey, thinking it's a sign of some kind of subversive plot to destroy America as we know it.

I do not mind that this particular Facebook friend is someone who has fallen out of my regular circle of friends and is someone I have not seen in person in two years. If she can thoughtlessly fall for this ridiculousness, she isn't the educated, intelligent person I thought she was.

-I do realize that I am contributing, albeit in a small way, to the further spread of this ridiculous video on the internet, but I was just so stunned that I'm actually friends with someone who would post it, I had to rant about it.


BellsforStacy said...

It's the pat robertson thing again? Is that right? Which clips?

Since you haven't seen me AT ALL ever I'm assuming I didn't offend you. :)

I have to hide a lot of people on facebook who post ridiculous drivel about religion and politics. Sadly, the people I hide most frequently are Libertarians. :(

Where do you come down on the chicago teacher's union thing? Out of curiosity. My cousin is a member / leader of CTU and posting all the time about wa nting a fair contract and the more I read about it the more I think the teachers are not really in the right.

S said...

No, this clip is some silly "Obama is a Muslim" thing. As if that is a disaster, anti-American, and qualifies him as a terrorist. And, no, you never offend me because while we disagree on some things, you are always thoughtful and respectful (as I try to be).

I, too, am over the Libertarians.

I really don't know much of anything about the Chicago strike. I'm not fundamentally opposed to public unions striking by any stretch, but I don't know enough about the questions here to know which side I come down on.

BellsforStacy said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Obama is a Muslim. I don't think that is a bad thing. It's not like he's calling for Jihad on the weekends or something. I just wish, if it is so, he would admit it or at least not profess so hard that he's Christian.

And all of these Christian's questioning his faith are not reading their Bible. Christians are not supposed to doubt another's profession of faith.

S said...

I don't think there is any possibility he is Muslim. He grew up, from age 8 on, living in Hawaii with his grandparents, undoubtedly attending Christian churches.

I think he's most likely truly atheist and/or agnostic and that's what he's not admitting because being an atheist is worse for one's election prospects than being Muslim.

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