Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dear Housewife Heather of the O.C.

I owe you an apology. A big one. Even though you didn't know it and don't know me.

When you first started on this show and said you were an actor, I looked you up and didn't find anything. So I lumped you in with the Alexis' of the world who way oversell their roles and accomplishments. But I did a terrible job of looking you up and I was very, very wrong. I am sorry.

Turns out, as you well know, you looked vaguely familiar to me for a reason. Because once upon a time, you were on a t.v. show I quite liked. You were the star of that show, in fact. For 35 episodes, you played Paul Sorvino's daughter and Kevin Dillon's sister. And I watched. As I also watched the Tony Shalhoub-Neil Patrick Harris short-lived show. (How fantastic are those two?) Crap, and you were in an episode of "Nowhere Man" which means you are right here in my house. So I apologize. You are a real actor. And way, WAY smarter than Alexis. (But that, I never questioned.)


ps: Readers, what are you looking at? This isn't news that I watch trashy reality t.v. But I draw the line at the Housewives of NJ and I have NEVER watched the Housewives of Atlanta. Let's instead focus on what's important here: I can, in fact, admit when I am wrong. It just doesn't happen very often.

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