Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Curious and curiouser

Intentional homicide? Or alcohol poisoning?

International intrigue? Or pedestrian murder?

A conspiracy to take down a hated political figure? A love triangle gone wrong? A business deal gone wrong? A huge misunderstanding?

Is anyone else as insanely curious about this British businessman found dead in a Chinese hotel room as I am? Originally, the death was declared to be alcohol poisoning, suggesting that the poor man drank himself to death. Now, though, "authorities" have declared the death to be an "intentional homicide" and have named the wife of a Politburo member as the prime suspect. The Politburo is the 25-man body that runs the country. So the equivalent of someone much higher up than a junior Senator. The husband has now been suspended from his post, suspected of "serious disciplinary infractions." The couple is under some form of detention or confinement.

Meanwhile, the body of the Brit was cremated, without the family's consent, so there is no follow-up testing that can be done to determine if there are signs of poisoning. The family maintains the man rarely drank, so the alcohol poisoning theory does not jibe.

The most accepted rumor is that the Brit and the wife were involved in a business deal that went south, so she (or a lackey) poisoned him. But, man, I kinda want it to be a lot more than that. I want it to be some kind of huge conspiracy involving lots of political intrigue and the total information control of a totalitarian regime. I mean, if the Chinese government is investigating it and they're the ones who killed the guy to frame this Politburo guy's wife so they could take him out so one faction of the Politburo could seize control or just get control of that one region...

I want it to be something so much more interesting than one business partner offing the other after lots of money was lost. 'Cause that's no fun. But political intrigue and assassinations, that stuff's cool.

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