Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stranger danger

The specter of random crime is a bogeyman that scares people. But the reality is that most crime isn't random at all. We all know the old adage that when someone is murdered, the police always start by looking at that person's spouse and other close family. Because random murders just don't often happen. My own experience is entirely consistent with the national statistics showing that there is almost always a connection between the crime victim and the perpetrator. Most especially in the category of homicide. But even the burglary cases I have handled have involved a link between the victim and the perpetrator. (Like movers, delivery men, repair guys, etc.)

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Katie said...

Your points about "stranger danger" are very true, and incredibly apt for our culture.

I work for a non-profit that serves at-risk youth, and in our youth protection training, it is really drilled into us that teaching young kids "stranger danger" is really not an effective way to protect them from abuse -- most sexual and physical abuse that is visited on kids is done so by someone known to them, and usually a family member.

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