Thursday, March 10, 2011

The DUI lobby is powerful, well-funded, coordinated, and loud. For years now, they've been urging tougher and tougher DUI laws. It seems that most laws promoted by the DUI lobby pass, regardless of their cost or logical connection to public safety. And a lot of those laws are written in such a way that there's no defense, no matter the flaws in the science of the testing or the reality of the driver's actual non-impairment.

So I was a little pleased to see this story about a prominent lawyer who targets drunk drivers getting a taste of his own medicine. Maybe going through the process of a DUI charge will make him rethink some of the procedures the DUI lobby fought so hard for. See, this guy was convicted on the basis of having amphetamines in his system, from a legally-prescribed medication he takes daily. And there was no actual evidence that he wasn't capable of driving. But no matter. He now stands convicted of DUI and must attend DUI school and drive with an ignition interlock device for one year. Never mind the fact that an interlock device can't even test for the substance this man's DUI is based on.

I wonder if this guy still things ignition interlock devices should be required for everyone convicted of DUI, regardless of the actual facts of the case.

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