Friday, August 29, 2008

My whiny moment

Well, now John McCain has to lose. He just has to. It wouldn't be fair for him not to. It wouldn't be fair for the first female to take that executive oath of office to be a woman I couldn't vote for. The first woman president or vice president just has to be a woman I got to vote for. She has to be someone I can admire and respect, not just for her accomplishments, but for her positions, for her policies, and her commitments. She needs to be someone I can campaign for so that I can be a part of it all! I need to be able to claim some small part of it. It would be a bitter pill for me to swallow to see a woman attain the highest executive office (or the second highest) if it was a woman whose candidacy I opposed.

Women who refuse to call themselves feminists, who think it's a dirty word, who cling to what I consider outdated gender stereotypes, they just shouldn't get to see their candidate become the first female executive of this country. It should be people like me who get her there. I know it's not fair for me to feel this way. Conservative women who disagree with me on policies and more fundamental issues are just as entitled to their opinions and their candidates. But I'm writing honestly about how I feel. And how I feel is: it just wouldn't be fair.


Heather said...

This woman has a pending ethics investigation, is anti-evolution and thinks birth control is the same thing as abortion. She's only one and a half years into her stint as Governor of one of the least populated states in the country. And this is the most qualified woman the Republicans could come up with? That says a lot about the Republican party and it isn't good.

I agree though, when I saw McCain picked a woman, a little part of me died inside. I mean, that man is old and in bad health. If they win the election, it would be a horribly sad day for to some day be President before Hillary or any of the other women politicians who have really worked for it and deserve it more than her. I was pretty satisfied with Biden, until yesterday.

S said...

The Republican women out there seem to think this is a great choice. Is it a little bit of an "in your face, Dem women" kind of way? Maybe I'm just reading my own bitterness into that.

But all of the liberal, progressive women I know agree this pick is insulting. So I'm glad to know my gut reaction isn't so outside the norm.

I love this crazy notion that she's qualified because she's "run" things. She's run a small town. Well, I've run a school project. Guess that makes me qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency! What about an event planner? Running huge weddings or charity functions must make one qualified to be the chief executive of the most important country in the world. Yep, that makes sense.

And speaking of whining, can we take just a moment to acknowledge what an annoying voice she has? I don't think I can listen to that voice for the next 66 days, let alone 4 years!

Erin said...

Come on. Lest we forget she was mayor of a town of 700 before being governor. It reeks of being a desperate maneuver by McCain. At least here's to hoping.

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