Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blog war fun!

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon this blog written by a woman who is, as far as I can tell, a crazy, irrational, right-wing wacko who hates all things liberal, soft-on-crime, and un-Christian. She writes irrational, hate-filled rants aimed at liberals, homosexuals and those who love them, and criminal defense attorneys, among others. Not only are her posts offensive, but they are laughably ignorant and illogical. I actually can respect people who have different opinions from mine, but not if they are so poorly-reasoned and so obviously lacking in any critical thinking. And so filled with such hatred. More than anything, I go crazy when people can't express the simplest of ideas without resorting to nastiness and name-calling. It's so Nancy Grace. Ugh. So she's basically a person that I should never be in the same room with ever unless everyone else is given flak jackets. She would say stupid, offensive things that I wouldn't be able to let go and we would be off.

In the last few days, I've taken to commenting anonymously on her blog. Perhaps cowardly, but really just to protect my own blog from her demented, evil rantings. She has no idea I'm out here, which is probably good for my personal safety, given how much she appears to hate liberals and defense attorneys. And she allows anonymous comments, as do I, so I think it's fair. (And, no, I will not share a link lest any of you leave a comment that allows her to track back to me!)

I think her head is about to explode after some of the comments I've left tonight. To which I say: good! She seriously needs to be made to stop and think before spewing her crap. And I think it's energizing me. All of my comments have been perfectly respectful. I have not resorted to any insults. I haven't even pointed out how her own hate-filled vitriol obscures whatever legitimate points she might have to make. But I feel better. Like maybe in this one small way, I can fight against some of the nastiest perceptions of defense attorneys and those who oppose the death penalty.

It's been fun. But I guess it's not fair to call it a blog war, since it is entirely one-sided. A blog ambush!


Anonymous said...

Oh come on, share the fun! I love to see a great car wreck.

S said...

I will say that at least her second responses to my second wave of comments did not include insults aimed at me. The first time around, I was out of my mind and needed to leave the country.

If you really want the link, email me at It would be purely amusing if her opinions weren't so awful and she didn't so sincerely believe the evil she spews.

Jay said...

Let me see. The craziest site that I've been to is (abreviated for privacy's sake) S.T.R. dot com. She's an absolute wackjob.

S said...

Ooh, now I'm intrigued. Not the one. Mine is LLL dot com.

I am happy to report that on the last two posts, I was allowed to have the last word. And she hasn't posted anything too ridiculous since. I hope she doesn't think she can get rid of me that easily!

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