Tuesday, August 5, 2008

All I need...

I need to break out of my funk. I've been in it for way too long. I need to generate a serious, long-term burst of energy that will get me up and moving to do all of the things I have not done in depth for far too long.

1) I need to clean out my fridge, take my recycling to the recycling center, and remove all the clutter from my kitchen.

2) I need to put together the cubby bench I bought for my entryway and hang the coat hook. These things will make my entryway look much, much better. I have these things; there is no excuse for them still being in the packaging.

3) I need to fully move into my library. I painted that room a gorgeous red, my favorite color, but I never use it. In over two years, I've never fully moved into that room.

4) I need to store all my off-season clothes. I need to weed my entire clothing collection and donate to good will those things that I really don't wear anymore. The clutter in my bedroom is just silly. I need to refrain from buying any additional clothes or shoes until I have this task done.

5) I need to run again. I love how I feel when I run. Well, after I run. I feel sluggish and chubby now. I know that running would make me feel better. So I just need to do it already.

6) I need to clean and organize my office. I need to stop being afraid to commit words to paper. I have done enough research. I know the issues. Now I just need to convince the prosecution and the court that my research supports the result I want and is unavoidable. I can do this. I need to remember that I am an awesome lawyer with an excellent track record. Why did I let myself forget that?

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