Monday, June 23, 2008

I know as a true baseball fan, I am supposed to think the best games are the well-played ones: pitcher's duels with sparkling defense. But I have to confess that for me, the most fun games to go to are the really ugly ones. The down by 7, starting pitcher out by the 2nd inning, massive rally ones. The ones where you get down by 6 early, then cut the deficit to 3, only to give up 4 more the very next inning. Big rallies where you tie the game in the 6th, after much of the crowd has given up the game for lost, are just more fun. Then finally taking the lead in the 7th is fun, too. Especially when you know that your team has the ultimate weapon waiting in the bullpen, the most unhittable closer in the American League. The Mexecutioner. The Mexican Rembrandt? The jury is still out on what Joakim Soria's nickname should be. For now, we just have to be satisfied with calling him the best.

This is the second time I have personally witnessed the Royals come back from a 7 run deficit in the later innings. And there was the spectacular opening day of 2004 with the huge 9th inning rally with the game-tying Mendy Lopez homer. Watching my team snatch victory from the jaws of defeat is definitely the most fun I can have at the K.

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