Monday, June 16, 2008

Del Martin, 87, and Phyllis Lyon, 84, were married today. After decades of being told that their commitment to each other wasn't worthy of recognition, that their love for each other wasn't true, and that the family they built for each other wasn't a real family, they finally got to hear those magic words today, said by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom: "By the power vested in me by the state of California, I now pronounce you wife and wife."

I raise my glass to Del and Phyllis and to all the other couples clogging county clerks' offices throughout California and say, "It's about freakin' time!" Congratulations!


Woman in Black said...

When Obama came here, he actually mentioned gay marriage in his speech. I was very impressed.

S said...

Honestly, I think some people like Obama and John Edwards are there on the equal rights part of it. We just have to get them past whatever block it is they have on using the actual "m" word. I know Edwards has recognized his refusal to share the term marriage is actually pretty silly. One of these days perhaps Obama will finally see it, too.

Classics Ninja said...

Yay! My new state of residence can be ridiculous, but for this reason, I'm proud to be a Californian now!


S said...

You better get out and vote in November! Don't let your new state slide back down into ridiculousness on this issue.

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