Saturday, June 28, 2008

I got a haircut!

Mommy decided I would be too hot all summer with all my hair. So I got all my hair cut off. I do feel much cooler and lighter. And when I go hiking through the back yard and swimming at the lake, it will be much easier for Mommy to find all the burrs and stickers that get on me. Plus, if I get any icky ticks, Mommy will be able to see them.
If you've never seen me before, I was much shaggier this morning. Picture Rolf, the Muppet. But shaggier.
With all my hair gone, I think I'll have even more energy. I'll wake up earlier and I won't get hot on walks as fast, so I'll want to go even farther. Mommy will be so happy she did this!


P said...

Shame on you for posting naked dog pics on the Internet!

Meryl said...

WOW! Maddie the Lion--ROARW!

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