Monday, January 7, 2013

WND never fails to entertain

In the category of "Dumbest Thing I Saw On the Internet Today" comes this:

According to WorldNetDaily and some random Christian football fan in the world, CBS hates Christanity and loves, loves, loves the gays. And they're big meanies who mock Christians. And why?

Because CBS is the Super Bowl network this year, so while airing the Indy-Ravens game yesterday, the network aired some promos for the big game. (As if you have to advertise the Super Bowl because people might not watch? But I digress.)

The Christian-mocking promo? It involved Neil Patrick Harris, one of CBS' most beloved stars, wearing eye black, as football players do. In the eyeblack was a message. Under the left eye "Feb 3" and under the right "2013.) Which is the day of this year's Super Bowl.

So outrageous, isn't it? I mean, it's so obvious! They're clearly pushing a gay agenda by using an openly-gay actor in the promo. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with him being a popular star on that network. Who, btw, has previous experience doing jokes with the network during their Super Bowl year. (Last time CBS had the game, his character, Barney Stinson, was shown during the game holding up a sign with his phone number, which then led into the next episode of HIMYM.) But, no! The network's selection of Neil Patrick Harris necessarily means they are pushing a gay agenda because, well, he's gay. And that's it. Obviously, merely associating professionally with someone who is gay means CBS is actively, even aggressively, promoting a radical, far-left, pro-gay agenda.

Of course, it's also deeply mocking of Christianity. How's that, you ask? Because of Tim Tebow, of course. Tim Tebow loves to put messages on his eyeblack. He always writes a bible verse. So obviously promoting the Super Bowl by writing the date of the event in eyeblack is mocking Christians, not just Tim Tebow but all of 'em!

Good grief. I find it ridiculously humorous that people have the time and energy to come up with this nonsense. I think this particular website is better than The Onion when I need a good laugh.

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A Voice of Sanity said...

He always writes a bible verse.

But never "Matthew 6:6"

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