Friday, January 4, 2013

Calm down, folks

Just calm down. Kanye West is not going to be tragically blocked from parenting if Kim Kardashian does not make her divorce from Kris Humphries official before she gives birth. Yes, like many (most? all?) states, California has a law addressing presumptions of paternity. And, yes, as in many (most? all?) states, a man is presumed to be the father of children born to his wife. But that's not going to mean Kris is the legal father of Kim's baby, even if they're still technically married when the baby comes.

Because the two don't live together, for one. And because they clearly commenced divorce proceedings long before this pregnancy. So what's going to happen is that Kim will have the baby and will put Kanye's name on the birth certificate. Kanye will sign a declaration of paternity. And Kris would never, ever try to assert any sort of parental right, even if the divorce isn't final yet. Why on earth would he when by all accounts he hates Kim and won't mention the pregnancy? But even if for some kooky, crazy reason, he did try to assert parental rights, and even if the separation between husband and wife didn't kill the legal presumption of paternity, the presumption is rebuttable. It would take Kanye no time at all to get a paternity test done that would end Kris' sad attempt to mess with his hated ex.

So rest assured, Kanye is and will always be recognized as the legal father of his kid with Kim. I mean, unless there's some Kevyn or Kraig we haven't heard of yet...

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