Monday, May 3, 2010

I am a bit of a pacer.  That's an understatement.  I have a hard time sitting still for very long.  I'm often puttering around my house whether I have chores to do or not.  At the office, I can often be found walking up and down the halls for no real reason.  I'm pretty good at inventing reasons for me to get up and walk away from my desk for a minute.  Even if I'm up against a deadline, I have to get up pretty frequently just to move around.  Sitting in front of my computer staring at a blank screen stifles me.  I write best in my head, then I transfer it to paper or computer screen.  And I write best in my head as I'm either wandering around, lying down on my chair, or playing computer games.  Visitors to my office (and, heck, even some of my colleagues) probably think I never get any actual work done as I'm almost never sitting in front of my computer with a document open. 

I happen to think my pacing tendencies help me write better issues.  But now I have evidence that my pacing is also saving my life.  My inability to sit still is actually good for me.

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