Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Those darn cocker spaniel eyes

The good news is that the thing that had me so stressed out yesterday isn't going to cost me any money, so I'm not going to have to come up with $1500 to pay for doggy surgery or a pile of doggy meds. And my sweet, sweet pup is perfectly healthy.

But the bad news...

She is not yet 7 and apparently her eyesight has been deteriorating for some time now. The vet estimates at worst she will be fully blind in 6 months, or it may take 2 years. She's obviously doing a bang-up job (get it? bang-up? Because the clue I had something was wrong was that she kept walking into things) adapting already, though, as it took me this long to notice something was really wrong. So there's no reason to think she won't keep adapting.

Her mommy may be the real problem. I'll have to be a lot more careful about not leaving my shoes and books and knitting projects lying around.

But, damn, I'm gonna miss that look.


toko baju muslim said...
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Anonymous said...

I had a Cocker years ago. He went totally blind (glaucoma), which apparently is common for Cockers.

He was still able to get around the house and backyard without a problem (he moved slower). He still came up to me and wanted attention, was still a great dog up to the day that he passed on.

You'll still have a great dog who'll love you.

S said...

Thanks. I know it's common for cockers to have eye troubles, and if you're going to go blind this is the easiest way. I just wasn't expecting it to happen so soon. I thought we'd get to at least 9 or 10, not 6 1/2. I've mentally always planned on her living to at least 14, so the thought of her going more than half her life without sight makes me a little sad.

And it is a new experience for me, as none of my childhood dogs have ever had serious vision loss. But I'm already all over it and will definitely make sure her life is still fabulous.

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