Sunday, December 16, 2012


Have you ever done something so dumb that it sort of feels like cheating if you don't confess it somewhere, some way?

I really feel like someone ought to know that today I roasted a chicken upside down.  I'm sure I'm not the first person to have done this, but I really do know better.

I basted it repeatedly. I admired its skin as it turned brown and beautiful. I covered it with foil while it rested. But it was only when I went to cut it and I hit nothing but bone that I realized the damn chicken was upside down.

It still tasted really good.


Jeff Gamso said...

There are actually recipes calling for roasting chicken and turkey upside down in order to keep the breast meat from drying out.

Take back the oops and congratulate yourself on having independently invented an existing gourmet recipe.

S said...

Ok, I can go with I'm just more clever than I realized.

MoikB said...

I always roast birds upside down! I turn them over before they're done, but it does make for a juicier breast.

S said...

I might try that, Moik. The crispy skin is the best part. But I still maintain it was pretty silly that I actually didn't know the difference between the front side and back side of a chicken.

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