Friday, December 7, 2012

Dear People of the Internet

I need your help, and it is the season of giving...

I used to pride myself on being a really good gift-giver. But now, I feel all tapped out. My dad is increasingly impossible to buy for. And I'm just tired of the stuff. I'm tired of books and pajamas and knick knacks and the stuff that just adds to more clutter and noise. (Not that I'm really one to talk as my house is filled with stuff and I love my books and shoes and DVDs (though I have a lot fewer now than I did a few weeks ago).)

Last year, I put a real emphasis on homemade gifts, which means I made myself crazy knitting and bought my sister the single greatest gift ever. I didn't have it in me to knit that much this year. So now I'm looking for new gift ideas that aren't stuff.



Meryl said...

I'm all about the consumable treats. Things I don't buy for myself very often, but love, nonetheless. Pedicures, coffee, my favorite tea, etc.

BellsforStacy said...

Dad's are just hard. Mine's impossible. And what do you get a person who doesn't need anything because he can provide it all, and does, for himself?

Experiences are nice, tickets to things. Since I have the kids I can cheat and just give pictures. I know the razor thing is over done but maybe like that fancy one that Meryl got Blaine that one year? Have you already done that? Or maybe homemade shaving cream?

I'm not super helpful. :(

Mark Bennett said...

How about a thoughtful targeted act of charity in his name, like maybe donating his favorite type of livestock/

Mark Bennett said...

Hmm. No linky.

Harley said...

Microloans through someplace like

Or food. I like (as you know) Harry and David's fruit of the month clubs.

S said...

Thanks for all the ideas. So far, I have decided on a top-shelf liquor for my Dad (and if you're thinking that helps me, too, as he'll make me drinks with it, well, he LOVES making me drinks!). My sister did the donation thing a few years ago (donating to a death penalty abolition group for me), but I still like that idea, though I'm kind of fond of the microloan twist on it.

And I'm still knitting as many little things as I can before Christmas.

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