Monday, October 8, 2012

Today's craziest political candidate

Every time I read statements from a far-right, out there political candidate, I think I have surely heard the worst of it. But every time, I have simply underestimated how much crazier the next guy can get.

Today's entry into the contest of crazy is Charlie Fuqua, a Republican candidate for the Arkansas House of Representatives. He has published a book, God's Law, that as far as I can tell is only available digitally. Judging from the descriptions and the excerpt I have read, I can't blame reputable publishing houses for declining to print this tripe.

First, Fuqua argues that there can be no other solution to the "Muslim problem" other than expelling all the Muslims. I am slightly curious to read and find out if he tries to argue how this solution doesn't violate the First Amendment. Because those intellectual gymnastics could be fun to watch while being entirely unsuccessful. Just as a hint Mr. Fuqua, expelling Muslims from the country could in no way be found to comport with freedom of religion. Fuqua himself expressed surprise that so many people seem troubled by his expulsion idea. He thinks his views are pretty accepted on that point.

Second, and even better, he has seriously called for the United States to allow parents to seek the death penalty for their rebellious children. Honestly. I could not make that up if I wanted to. Deuteronomy authorizes it, so it should be kosher, right? (By that logic, does our amendment outlawing slavery violate God's law?) He thinks that children will fall into line and respect their parents if they know that the state could let the parents off them for bad behavior. (Of course, he also thinks abortion is a sin and should be illegal. But what if the unborn child is rebellious, kicking too much, causing heartburn and raising blood pressure?)

It really can't get crazier than this, right? I have finally found the absolute limit. Right?


BellsforStacy said...

Oh I'm sure there are crazier out there. The killing your rebellious kids idea is interesting, and not without merit. My dad said that he killed his first three children because they were a bad batch, so they tried again and got worse kids! :)

S said...

I am confident there was at least one time my parents would have liked to off my sister. (I'm not being facetious when I say never me, though. I was definitely the good kid.)

I'd really hate to see what crazier than this looks like.

A Voice of Sanity said...

The funniest thing about these 'expellers' is that it never crosses their minds that if the constitution/law etc was changed to allow such expulsions they'd be number one on the list to go. Same with the KKK types who want to expel non-whites - they never figure that their pasty white(?) asses would be on the boat to where ever!

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